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Dated: 03/29/2017

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Once again, I met Jodi Towns through meeting other savvy women entrepreneurs in and around Scottsdale Ranch. Jodi owns her business Towns Consulting LLC, which is a marketing firm working primarily with medical practices. She has so much more going between networking, volunteering, marketing and more! You have to check out her web site!!

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Tell me about your business ..

There's a couple things I do with my business. Primarily I work with health care providers, physicians doing consulting ... teaching them how to promote themselves to their ideal clients. In an organic way. Not digital marketing and all of that. I can do all of that including social media. I like working with doctors who have all of that in place. I review everything but I offer suggestions on how to get out into the community and promote themselves. For instance going out to the public, going to networking groups, building strategic relationships. As well as meet people who will refer patients to them. I even help with staffing.

Who is your typical client?

Usually a doctor who has their media marketing all set up, they may even be working with a social media/marketing person already. Sometimes it's a solo doctor who is leaving a group practice and going out on their own, so they're kind of restarting their practice. Helping them promote themselves which is often not what they like to do. I also work with the team members in the office so that everyone is on the same page and understand how we're going to execute the plan.
I usually spend about 3 days - it's not a long drawn out process. I look at all the media and marketing materials. I find all the ways they need to build relationships. Referring doctors can be key. Building and nurturing those relationships.
Sometimes I suggest they hire someone just to do the marketing.
These doctors have expertise - they could be out there teaching ...

You have a lot to your back ground ... what else have you done or do you incorporate in what you do now?

I have a recruiting background. Most of my experience comes from Concierge Medicine. Old-fashioned medicine where the doctor spends more one-on-one time with the patient, they have a more personal relationship with their patients. They want to do more preventative medicine. A little more holistic approach.
Doctors are wanting to "take care of" people instead of seeing more patients and spending less time with them.

How do these physicians find you?

It's pretty much referral based. Doctors that have worked with me usually refer me to other doctors that they know. And like I said my services are rather short-term although I'm always available to them and their staffs for follow-up and questions.
I said to Jodi .... they need to follow through and do what you tell them to do .... yes?
Concierge Medicine is only 10 years old and I got into this about 5 years ago with a medical practice that I worked for.

You're involved with a lot of groups, you seem to be connected ...

My very first organization that I joined was probably eWomen. They're an international marketing group. I spent two years as inaugural director of East Valley Women. Each organization is very different but made up of women either working for a company or entrepreneurial. Networking rather than a leads type group.

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Where do you like to go in the neighborhood?

George & Sons ... My husband loves to try new places. The Vig ... the outdoor patio is great in good weather.
Jade Palace also has good food. Then there's the plaza at 94th & Shea. Stone and Vine is now S & V ... Salt and Lime is over there.
I love Scoop and Joy. It's kind of a Hawaiian Ice cream and a coffee shop in the morning.
Grassroots ...

What would you like people to know?

Wow, that's tricky ... what I do is so specific and really my business travels by word of mouth.
The other thing I got involved in and I'm now getting the app launched here in Phoenix is called HOOCH. - the slang term for moonshine. It's a membership for high end restaurants, bars and lounges. More exclusive. Restaurants that have a nice menu and a nice cocktail menu as well. It's called a Discovery App. For people who want to find places they may have heard about but not gone there because they don't know much about it. It doesn't cost the consumer anything and they even receive a free drink.
is in all the big cities. It's in LA and San Diego. So I'm involved in launching it here. I love falling in love with something and then getting to promote it.


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